Sunday, 1 February 2009


...... I recall one of my work colleagues telling me a few years ago, whilst he was working a a cooper, that he noticed that the cleanest, neatest lorries arriving with the barrels from distilleries were Aberlour lorries.
And this seems to show in the whisky which is also neat, tidy and clearly well looked-after.
I can honestly say that I have never tasted a bad Aberlour, all in fact have been very good to exceptional, and the 10 y.o. is an excellent introduction to speyside malts being well priced and readily available in the U.K. 89/100.
The highlight of the range is a'bunadh which is a spectacular, available, and as good a priced cask strength whisky as one will ever find anywhere, massively flavoursome and described fittingly by some as "cough mixture from heaven" ........ I agree with that !
Also worthy of note is that the a'bunadh is given Batch numbers, currently standing at Batch 25 and the standard has never yet disappointed from 1 - 25. More distillers should do this, it permits 'difference'.
In fact this malt is a contemporary classic ! 92/100

Feb:'10 - well impressed that the A'bunadh now into Batch 29 appears to be maintaining a momentum of excellent quality for the price, ... and the bottle is a cracker !
Standard 10yo 87/100 still readily available at supermarkets.

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