Wednesday, 4 February 2009

BOWMORE 78/100

.......... Islay tourist magnet !
........ old bottlings show that Bowmore can be an excellent Malt, but the whisky is so branded, and the result such an imbalance of style over substance that this has to be the most disappointing whisky to be found on Islay.

Nice Distillery 'experience'
shame about the E150 perma-glow.
Try for the 'Limited Editions', they're a bit less trashed.

Bowmore Legend 72/100
Bowmore Darkest 70/100

Feb:'10 - Recent Bar tasted Bowmore sherry cask 16yo 90/100

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  1. Are your marks for the old Bowmore Darkest or the current 15 y.o/Darkest?

    The old label Darkest is one of my most missed drams.


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