Sunday, 1 February 2009

ANCNOC (formerly KNOCKDHU) 89/100

......... one of speyside's 'fizzy' characters this whisky rarely disappoints.
Part of the competent and professional Inverhouse Distillery Group (apparently owned by the King of Tailand !!!) Ancnoc was called until recently Knockdhu, but changed it's name to Ancnoc so as to avoid confusion with an inferior malt called Knockando.
I have a fascinating bottle of Knockdhu 23 y.o. from 2003 which I am saving for a rainy day, .......although most days are rainy days in Scotland. I expect it will be as good if not better than the range of excellent whiskies which come from this well crafted stable of malt competence, .... my tasting notes mention sherbet, chili and gingery-salt a lot, ............. hooray ! 90/100

Feb:'10 - this one continues to climb up the ratings for me. Complex and consistent at all times I notice the 30yo 91/100 is superb value at less than £100. ... real Whisky !

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  1. Glasgow's whisky club had a very successful tasting event with Ancnoc on the 31st March 2009.
    Malt scores were 89-92/100


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