Monday, 2 February 2009

ARDMORE 88/100

............ I first came across my first taste of Ardmore when I bought a bottle of Teacher's Blended Whisky. The Teacher's at that point was an excellent blend boasting 40% Malt in it's composition (rather than the usual 20-30%) and even then I detected a rare complexity and challenge in this whisky.
I have noticed that Teacher's Blend is now looking a bit 'Perma-glow', so beware, it looks like E150 abuse!
Ardmore is a demanding but immensely rewarding whisky, without doubt the most successfully peated of the Speyside area, savoury, long lasting and singular, this whisky is amazing!
But be warned, the official bottling pictured here, although fine, shows too much immaturity despite it's craft presentation,82/100 older Indi bottles are the ones to go for, Signatory especially.90/100
It is sometimes noticed that Ardmore can have a very convincing resemblance to the late Port Ellen, particularly when fresh bourbon matured.

Feb:'10 - Ardmore (Signatory 15yo 46%) 92/100

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  1. I tried some 25 year-old last year and it was brilliant - can't wait till they bottle it.


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