Sunday, 1 February 2009

ARDBEG 91/100

.......... the dark green distinctive bottle, the knot-work label, the living legend that is ........... Peat, iodine, brine, bitumen, savoury, complex, fab! ...... Ardbeg.
Ardbeg distillery on Islay produces one of the 'peatiest' whiskies, and after the indignity of being moth-balled throughout the 1990's was resurrected as an iconic Malt in the new age of the Malt Whisky Aficionados!
Most of it's range are good if you are a peat-head, but this whisky is not for the faint-of-heart. My notes include good review of the 10 y.o.88/100, Uigeadail 92/100 and 1977 93/100, however, the recent plundering of this malts reputation with lesser standard novelty bottlings purely to pander to it's 'collectible' status has become relentless.
'Blasda', 'Supernova', .... what next, 'Greenpeatgoblinmeister' ?
I do recommend a mix of 1/4 uigeadail to 3/4 10 y.o. for an excellent dram.
I also find that Ardbeg mixes well with some Irish whiskies including Bushmills ........ loads of Irish, ........ wee drop of Islay, perfect ! (Uigeadail and Black Bush if you feel extravagant). Buy this while you can, I get the feeling that the current owners don't fully understand that whisky is all about content, ...... not concept. I expect quality to slide.
Prices at auction are now expensive for most Ardbegs.

Feb:'10 ... why don't I review the ultra-peaty Corryvrecken ? ... £80 for a 7 yo Malt is too much, though I will agree that it is an excellent Malt.
I suspect that such is the demand for this icon, prices/availability will bring frowns to our faces.
Obtain 10yo 90/100 now before it's too late.

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