Wednesday, 4 February 2009

BEN NEVIS 83/100

.... I'm sure I can detect this whisky in Yoichi !!!
This handsome highland distillery sits under it's 'name-sake' mountain and for it's size does not have a lot of whisky to show for itself. You will most likely find the 10 y.o. 88/100 but little else. Why?
....because I reckon most of what's produced here goes straight over to Japan to fill-out their anemic Malts which suffer from being over-manufactured.
Nikka whiskies own this Distillery, and thats fine by me, but can we have some older, reasonably priced Ben Nevis available in Scotland? The Distillery shop is the most inadequate of any Distillery I've ever visited, and don't buy 'Hector's Nectar' Blended whisky, it's rotten! 71/100

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