Wednesday, 4 February 2009


..... a lowland jewel !!!
.... this distillery is one of the most 'hidden' malts of Scotland, and is currently in the middle of a Renaissance of genuine, traditional craft excellence.
Where else does one see hand bottling ?
Where else such knowledgeable staff ?
Where else such an involved community ?
Production of whisky is severely restricted due to the totally unreasonable limitations imposed on the current owner by Diageo, a 'decision' which clearly shows that control of the whisky industry should be by Government and for National interest, not a Corporate Multi-Nationals' which 'spits the dummy'.
Bladnoch cask 15 y.o. 92/100
Bladnoch cask 18 y.o. 93/100

Feb:'10 - dammit! I like everything about this place, it 'fits the bill' of the New-Generation Craft Distilleries that Scotland needs to survive in the Global Whisky shake-down.
New Generation 8yo @ 46% 90/100

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