Wednesday, 4 February 2009


...... say hello to the bad boys of Malt !!!
... the biggest 'Indi' on Islay, and causing a right stooshie!
nobody bangs the drum for craft tradition like these folk, or blows the trumpet for terroire like these folk, even if at times it all gets a bit O.T.T. with more bottle varieties than Willie Wonka's Bottle Emporium can dream up (bring on the Oompa-loompas!) and a cask inheritance from the previous owners which occasionally needs 'first-aid', we salute this distillery and the fact that they annoy the people in the Industry who do the whisky customer the biggest dis-service, hooray for Bruichladdich, and for the excellent Malts that will be available when it's their own make in the bottles, ......and when given enough time to mature properly. This distillery has recently launched two new versions with more peat content in the 'cult' PORT CHARLOTTE, and mega-peat in the 'cult' OCTOMORE, ....... look out Laphroaig!!!
Bruichladdich 17 y.o. 90/100
Bruichladdich 12 y.o. 86/100
Octomore, ...... take an aspirin first !

Feb:'10 - still waiting patiently for a consistently available standard bottling from the new generation of distillers, ... hopefully not long now. 2001 'ressurection' 7yo 87/100

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