Monday, 2 February 2009


............... A lowland malt, situated in Dalnotter just north of Clydebank and below the Crematorium! this is one of only two Distilleries in Scotland to triple distill through three separate stills (as shown in the picture).
Springbank is the other Distillery to do like-wise..
This malt is considered amongst the lightest and gentle of whiskies and is a good introduction along with Glenfiddich for whisky grommits! Although too light for many maltsters, it is worth noting that certain Malts really come into their own with age, and after sixteen years of good wood and dunnage, Auchentoshan can sparkle and shine with flavour.
If ever a Malt needed craft presentation, this is it. At the moment it's too heavily branded.
Auchentoshan 'three wood' - 70/100

Feb:'10 - Auchy 12 yo 83/100 and would be more if they would lose the E150a

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