Wednesday, 4 February 2009

BRORA 95/100

...... CLOSED 1983
.... greater than Port Ellen, and half as legendary as Maltmill
Brora is arguably the finest hour in Malt history.
I am truly grateful to have built up a wee stash of this precious whisky, and I wont be sharing, except with the best of friends. Even flawed offerings from the Indi's
have true greatness woven through their lesser beings.
I salute the Legend,
and pity those fools who closed this distillery down, for they are fools indeed.
Brora cask 30 y.o. 95/100

Feb:'10 - the Legend continues to grow with an excellent short History of Brora to be found at
Serge's Brora History D.Taylor.cask 1427, 27yo 89/100

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