Wednesday, 4 February 2009


..... the gentlest of the Islay malts, but also a most rewarding Malt with it's nature understated, and needing time to know, like a wee man in the pub who says little but can offer the best conversation.
This malt was my first true experience of whisky and I could not have asked for better acquaintance.
The old 12 y.o. was great, the new one fresher and more adolescent 89/100, and if the people at this distillery can be allowed to get on with some 'craft' presentation, and the jobs-worth's kept away from imposing silly prices on this Malt, it's reputation can only grow.
......... apparently there are considerable, older stocks of Malt in the warehouses, .....................and great treasures there-in lay.
Bunnahabhain 'auld acquaintance' 92/100

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